No-Risk Feasibility Studies
RME Advisors, LLC/The Financial Preservation Network, LLC operates as a Senior Advisor with Stryde Solutions. We work with clients on a national level to identify Specialized Tax Incentives and Expense Reductions – at no risk to the business owner. When we discover errors/omissions and create a benefit, we are paid from that benefit. None uncovered? No fee/No risk.
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Update on Rob and Deanne's Ranch
Rob started the process with their second mortgage in 2012. For more information on the full dismissal of the $96,617.35 HELOC on September 1, 2014, read the full story.
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Financial Preservation Network, LLC - Do You Have Student Loan Stress?
Is your student loan tied to the LIBOR interest rate? If so, it means you are not paying a correct interest rate – the US Dept of Justice and FBI have prosecuted this issue and have won restitution rights for Americans.
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Financial Preservation Network, LLC - Do You Have Property Owner Stress?
We can assist you in determining if you may be eligible for a remedy by reviewing your loan(s) documents to see if they are influenced by the LIBOR scam.
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Top Ten Secrets to Success
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We are Financial Strategists who help people keep and protect their wealth... whether that would be your diligently earned savings and investments, your farm and ranch land, your inheritance, or your business.  

For these tough times, we have developed many ideas, even for the many folks who have lost significant portions of their retirement investments.
Sometimes you need to step outside of the box to see what is going on in there.

If you find yourself looking for a better "Economic Road Map" we are the Tour Guide for you.

            Integrity is what we do and what we say; 
                        and what we say, we do.


      RME Advisors, LLC offers educational information to you
      to broaden your knowledge of Precious Metals. 
      We can help you diversify your portfolio to preserve your purchasing power
      by advising you on physical delivery of the metals
      or storing in a registered depository, which is not a bank.
Contact us directly for your gold, silver or bullion needs.

We offer the following Network Services:

Student Loan and Property Owner Debt Resolution

Financial Powers of Attorney

Medical Powers of Attorney

Mortgage Research Services (Chain of Title Analysis)

Networking Referrals to save time and money

Financial Guidance Conversations

Buy and Sell Gold and Silver Bullion and Coins

Self-Directed IRA’s