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RME Advisors began in 2007 as Rob West and Shari Peterson combined financial planning and counseling skills of 50+ years to serve the marketplace by sharing ideas and advanced financial strategies with individuals and Financial Professionals.

As consultants, our role is to dramatically improve your financial position.

This comes from using all the resources available to you in the most efficient manner.  Many times we identify resources you may not know you have.  We help you identify and prioritize goals and objectives, then we share strategies and plans that are workable for you.

If we decide to work together, we will spend the first hour or so discussing exactly where you are and where you want to go.  On the financial side, Rob has advanced level Financial and Estate Planning experiences that span four decades.  On the business side, Shari has over 30 years experience.  Both are accomplished public speakers and are students "of the business".

Why Do We Care? 

Because Rob and Shari believe they have been given a second chance at life.

Rob survived multiple lung pulmonary embolisms in 2006.  He was given less than a 1% chance of survival.  Shari survived United flight #811 in February, 1989 where 9 people around her perished.

Rob and Shari realized they were given another opportunity to do something with their lives and are dedicating themselves to helping others survive these difficult economic times.


Rob West

    Responsible · Goal Oriented · Planner · Organized · Mentor · Self Motivated
    Ability to create "can do" attitude with team members

Since 1973, Rob West has been involved in the financial industry. Rob's expertise in the insurance business lead him into a successful practice as a Certified Financial Planner. Prior to that, Rob worked as a Registered Representative for two Wall Street financial firms.

In 1990, Rob moved from the Wall Street investment scene where he was serving as a Vice President, to found Estate Planning Strategies, Inc.. Rob re-directed his extensive financial background into estate planning para-legal and financial plan writing focusing on the estate planning and asset protection needs of his clients.

Rob's extensive credentials include:

  • Past CFP for 25 years (retired)
  • Series 7 licensed for 25 years (retired)
  • Independent RIA Registration for 7 years (retired)
  • Life, Accident and Health Insurance License for 35 years (retired) 
  • College degree work from 1969 to 1974 (majoring in Finance, Business Management, and Insurance and Risk) with over 900 hours of surplus professional education classes
  • Professional Seminar Presenter
  • Professional Financial Educator
  • Past Regional Vice President and professional Recruiter for a leading Reverse Mortgage Company
  • Listed in various recognition publications including:
  • Who's Who in Finance and Industry
  • Who's Who in America
  • Who's Who in the Mid-West
  • Personalities of the West and Mid-West

In 2003, Rob retired from the mainstream financial industry.  He is now actively involved in the financial education industry and is the Senior Financial Strategist for RME Advisors.  Rob is a co-founder of the RME Advisor, LLC concepts initiated in 2007. 

Email Rob West or call direct: 303-472-0531

Shari Peterson

    Organized · Integrity-Driven · Confidential · Responsible · Ability to Meet Deadlines · Public Speaker · Sense of Humor · Leader · Professional · Unflappable · Excellent People Skills

Shari Peterson was raised in a small rural Iowa farm community of fewer than 400 residents.  While Shari and her two younger sisters were growing up within a farm community's humble lifestyle, they witnessed their parents demonstrate that "small town, helping others" philosophy.  Their family found ways to donate and contribute to their school, church and community.

After living in Iowa, Hawaii, Florida, Illinois and Michigan, Shari set her roots in Denver in 1973. Always on the move, Shari joined and spent over 20 years in the travel industry.

Following a life-altering event in February, 1989, Shari began a quest for understanding her own life.  She began traveling extensively sharing her experiences and teaching personal development.  One of her discoveries was her ability to effectively communicate and counsel people empowering them to greater personal growth. She has appeared on Oprah, Turning Point, Hard Copy, Angels II Beyond the Light, Montel Williams, Maury Povich, I Survived a Disaster and It's a Miracle. She has been featured in magazines and appeared on TV and radio in the US, Europe and Australia.

When she retired in 1996, Shari discovered a great financial and emotional need from people in distress who need housing assistance.  She was reminded by her father, Phillip Peterson, a WWII Marine and retired railroad engineer, of the sacrifices his generation made for us. He was fond of saying, "You can't walk around with a catcher's mitt on all the time. You have to throw some back."

Shari is now actively involved in philanthropic pursuits.  Her goal is to remind people what our senior citizens, military, children and others have contributed to us. The goal is to return the help, allow people to maintain their dignity and restore the hope to those in need who have none.

Shari is also co-founder and owner of RME Advisors, LLC, a financial education company founded in 2007. 

Email Shari Peterson or call direct:  303-759-0317

Jack Dahlen 
National Marketing Director

Jack possesses a unique combination of knowledge, ability and experience.  He has over 40 years of successful experience in the motivation, training and the financial services industries.  Here are just a few highlights from his very successful career:

  • Vice President of Marketing for the Zig Ziglar Corporation
  • Consultant to over fifty companies in areas of leadership, sales & management training and personal motivation
  • National Marketing Director for Success Motivation Institute, Inc.
  • Founding partner of First Financial Properties
  • Co-Founder of Coordinated Financial Service, Inc.
  • National Trainer for three Network Marketing Companies
  • B.A. Degree - Michigan State University in Business Administration and Psychology

Jack has been married 36 years to Sara "Skeeter" Dahlen.  They have three grown children Paul,
Brent and Dana Dahlen.  Jack and Skeeter are both active members of Prestonwood Baptist Church,
and over the years Jack has maintained memberships in various civic, social and professional organizations.  Jack's hobbies are fishing, golf and reading.

Email Jack Dahlen or call direct:  214-469-1198