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RME Advisors brings value to the farming and ranching community by recognizing current financial challenges facing land owners/business owners and offering sound financial planning.  It is no secret that with the current economics, a main concern for farmers is spring planting operating capital.  If the banks have no funds to loan because their current loans are defaulting, then they have no money to support farmers buying seed.  No seed, no crops and the cycle worsens.  

 The timing could not be more critical for the information RME can share that can help farmers and perhaps lessen the financial burden on local banks prior to Spring, 2009 planting. 

RME foresaw the coming "financial storm" . . . Prior to the obvious economic downturn signs, RME's focus was directed to senior aged farmers, ranchers, business owners and other individuals to share creative and useful estate conservation ideas.  

RME did something about the "storm" . . . Our outreach platform is built on direct contacts, networking and media interviews where possible.  RME has developed relationships with legal and financial professionals to help people coordinate and implement the strategies so needed today.  

For more information and ideas how RME Advisors can help you during these unsettled economic times with:

  • Financial Planning
  • Proven financial strategies to save your farm/ranch
  • Estate planning and more

Contact Shari Peterson, 303/759-0317 or