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FAQ’s:  Why Gold/Silver?  Why Now?

Why would I purchase gold/silver?  When compared to other assets such as stocks, bonds and other paper assets, precious metals have proven to be a reliable hedge against inflation and a savvy way to diversify your portfolio.  Historically, precious metals have been prized as the only reliable hedge against inflation.


How do I purchase gold/silver?  It is simple!  The two most common methods are to purchase and take physical delivery or invest in a self-directed IRA.


What about taking delivery and storage?  The product is shipped directly to the client at the address specified.  It is double-boxed, insured, identification verified and signature required.  We are proud that in over 20 years of business we have never lost a package or received a single complaint. 

We recommend storing in a safe, secure location such as a gun safe that is either too large to move, or bolted down in a secure location such as a garage or basement.


How do I sell if I want the cash?  We can handle that for you at no cost other than your shipping costs.  You can also resell at a reputable local coin dealer.

What is a self-directed IRA and how can I put gold/silver in there for my retirement?  A Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account is an IRA that requires the account owner to make investment decisions and investments on behalf of the retirement plan. IRS regulations require that either a qualified trustee or custodian hold the IRA assets on behalf of the IRA owner. Generally the trustee/custodian will maintain the assets and all transaction and other records pertaining to them, file required IRS reports, issue client statements, assist in helping clients understand the rules and regulations pertaining to certain prohibited transactions, and perform other administrative duties on behalf of the Self-directed IRA owner for the life of the IRA account.

In addition to precious metals, some of the additional investment options permitted under the regulations include real estate, stocks, mortgages, franchises, partnerships, private equity and tax liens.


I heard the government “could”, under current law, confiscate my gold?  On December 31, 1974, with Executive Order 11825, President Gerald Ford repealed the Executive Order that Roosevelt used to call in gold in 1933. This was necessary because on the same day Congress restored Americans' right to own gold. Furthermore, in 1977 Congress removed the president's authority to regulate gold transactions during a period of national emergency other than war.



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