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RME Advisors, LLC will offer the Financial and Legal Professional, as well as individuals, information and education to provide for a successful retirement experience.  We believe in full disclosure of information available, shared in a highly professional, ethical and honest manner.  We believe a good company consists of good people, well trained and doing the right thing.  With that foundation, RME Advisors will attract the staff, clients and relationships we desire.

Therefore, RME Advisors promises to:

          WORK HARD:  As a group, we will work harder than most to reach and often exceed our client's expectations.  We will do so by our commitment to continually educate ourselves and our clients on current events and financial matters.

          PLAY HARD:  We consistently and authentically demonstrate our joy, laughter and fellowship with our clients, and each other.

          HAVE INTEGRITY:  Integrity is not only doing the right thing when people are watching, but also doing the right thing when no one is watching.  We work as hard for our clients behind the scenes as we do in our personal interactions.  Our commitment to service is second to none.

          GIVE BACK:   We believe that you can't walk around with a catcher's mitt on all the time - you have to throw some back.  We support a variety of humanitarian causes.

We are RME Advisors, LLC ~ People Serving People