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Financial Preservation Network, LLC - Do You Have Student Loan Stress?


Is your student loan tied to the LIBOR interest rate?   

If so, it means you are not paying a correct interest rate and we may have a solution – the US Dept of Justice and FBI have prosecuted this issue and have won restitution rights for Americans.  

This means LIBOR fraud has already been criminally established.  

Did you know:

-  In 22 states*, you can lose your professional or driver's license for not paying your student loans?  
Here are a few examples:
California:  Health care practitioner and clinical social worker license
Iowa:  Any state-issued license, including your driver's license
Tennessee:  Public school teaching license (credential) for K-12 teachers
Texas: Dental, medical and chiropractic examiner license


-  Student loans are the stickiest debt in America and extremely difficult to discharge during bankruptcy, unlike credit cards or mortgages.  It is easier to discharge yachts and vacation homes than to have student loans forgiven.

-  Based on this little known and seldom reported information from the Department of Justice, FBI as well as current US Federal Statutes, we have a process in place to challenge these often fraudulent loans.  Our team will prepare a Complaint, Affidavit and appropriate documents for you to submit to the Attorney General, Governor and other parties.  This will begin the formal complaint and LIBOR claims process for Current or Deferred Status Loans, Defaulted Loans and/or for any Co-Signer.  We will clean up the Co-Signer’s credit and remove the liens on any real estate that backed the debt and assist you in submitting your claim for restitution.  

We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau so email Shari for our free, no obligation information package.  

Let’s get started on your case! 


To learn more about "The Bankers Web" , for a limited time we are offering a Complimentary Download of the author's preview of this book which was written by Rob West, co-founder of RME Advisors, LLC.

Here is a brief excerpt:

     The best way to absorb this book is to open your mind to the fact that the current Wall Street money and banking system is commonly misunderstood. Frankly I believe it is deliberately constructed to be that way (probably since 1913).  It has become so corrupt that good thinking people cannot comprehend it; actually good thinking people are not capable of thinking of such calculated matters that corrupts it.

     It is common that new money is introduced into the U.S. banking system as loans. The “beginning” interest rate for the loaned money is almost always based on the London Inner Bank Offered Rate or “LIBOR”. It is a foreign sourced interest rate. This rate has been manipulated for years. It has been exposed and successfully prosecuted by the U.S.Dept of Justice (DOJ) and FBI. 

This DOJ “win” for America in a criminal court is ongoing and billions of dollars in restitution has been awarded so far.

     You will read about these facts and see that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the FDIC and the National Credit Union Association (just to name a few) have used the DOJ win to achieve restitution.

For your complimentary copy, please Email Rob West.