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RME Advisors, LLC Education Series

RME is currently working with Advisors to arrange educational meetings/events for your clients or interested contacts.

With the current economic situation, we find so many people are searching for answers and other information for their retirement questions. The interest level is very high and the information RME can share has proven helpful to many. This is designed for a personal invitation from the Advisor to attend in-home or small venue (library, church, club)meetings of up to 15 people so we can present the information in an informal manner and be available for focused discussions.

Here is what we’re offering:

     - Target audience is retirement age, reasonable net worth and interested in "looking outside the box".

     - Planned topics to include current money and financial conditions, protecting and enhancing your money and investments, legacy planning, secondary market for life insurance/financed premium life insurance, tax saving strategies, getting your financial house in order.

Many people are seeking information and resources. We are offering a educational format that is low key and very interactive. This format is designed for groups up to 15 people and we will work closely with the Advisor to schedule and RME will present the program.

Contact us for more information, schedule and ideas.