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Your RME Advisors, LLC team recognizes the critical situations we often see for potential clients. Situations where seniors are unable to pay for heat, medications, needed improvements to their homes and/or even facing bankruptcy. We meet seniors struggling with these issues, and more, and they may not qualify for a Reverse Mortgage. We wondered, "How else can we help?"

On February 24, 2007, "The PSP Foundation" was established. A portion of proceeds will be donated to our "People Serving People" Foundation by members of our team who will be given a portion of funds to distribute in their communities – to seniors, military families, children and others.

Co-Founder, Shari Peterson, was reminded by her father, Phillip Peterson, a WWII Marine and retired railroad engineer, of the sacrifices that generation made for us. He was fond of saying, "You can't walk around with a catcher's mitt on all the time. You have to throw some back." So growing up within an Iowa farm community's humble lifestyle, Shari witnessed her parents demonstrating that philosophy. They found ways to donate and contribute to their school, church and community.

The PSP Foundation’s goal is to remind people what our senior citizens, military, children and others have contributed to us. The goal is to return the help, allow people to maintain their dignity and restore the hope to those in need who have none.